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Bondi Splash

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A massive wave hitting the Icebergs Pool at Bondi Beach.

Style: Landscape \ Coastal 

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery as our prints are made to order.


  • Printed on 200gsm paper
  • Backed on clay coated foam core
  • Solvent UV curable ink
  • Finished with clear float glass on top
  • Hardwood timber box frame


  • Printed direct onto treated float glass
  • Solvent UV curable ink
  • White paint applied to protect the back of the artwork
  • Achieves a glossier, sharper finish
  • Hardwood timber box frame


  • Printed on 100% acid free cotton canvas
  • Solvent UV curable ink
  • Stretched around timber stretcher bars
  • Hardwood timber floater frame


    Printed and framed in our boutique Melbourne production facility this piece will help elevate your home to the level of style and quality you deserve.